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National Charity League, Inc., San Diego Del Norte Chapter

The Blind Community Center of San Diego (BCCSD) is very grateful to the 2019 Senior Class of the National Charity League for a generous donation of a revitalized room and garden patio at the BCCSD. You made a difference in the lives of our blind and low vision participants. Before the renovation, there was no place at the BCCSD to relax, take a short nap, have a quiet, comfortable conversation, or enjoy the out of doors in a beautiful, garden environment. Your members stepped in and changed how people are able enjoy the BCCSD for now and for the future.

Members of the National Charity League class of 2025 finished writing the BCC Mission Statement and Goals in large font on our craft room walls. Every day, everyone will be reminded why we are here and what we can do. A Braille plaque will be displayed for our blind community members. Thank you NCL.