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Chula Vista Host Lions Club

Thanks to you, throughout fiscal year 2018-2019, the Blind Community Center of San Diego (BCCSD) was able to provide transportation and activities for our participants.

Chula Vista Host Lions Club dollars have repaired and maintained our vehicles. Both of our vehicles are registered, have new batteries and are working great, thanks to Chula Vista Host Lions Club. Lion Al Hooper spent many volunteer hours to make it happen and we appreciate his efforts very much. CV Host Lions gave BCCSD participants a fabulous Christmas party, again. Lion Odena Dillard volunteered at the BCCSD for forty years and we miss her every day. Your president, Lion Jeanie McClanahan volunteers at the front desk, makes all of our birthday cakes and helps the BCCSD in many ways. Lion PDG Neil Seefeldt served on our board of directors and will be missed when he moves to the Midwest. When our nineteen-year-old faucets broke, CV Host Lions club bought new faucets. We appreciate everything that every member of Chula Vista Host Lions club has done and will do for the BCCSD and we cannot say thank you enough.