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Annual BCCSD Elections to be held in June 2020

BCCSD Member elections for Vice President and two blind/visually impaired board seats will be held in June. According to our bylaws, the procedure shall be as follows: Qualified active members who are blind or visually impaired are eligible to vote and hold office.

In March, a nominating committee will be formed. If you are on the committee, you may not be nominated for a board position. Active, blind or visually impaired members qualify to be on the board by paying membership fees, and by attending at least six membership and BCCSD activities during the year.

To qualify for voting at the annual meeting in June, the last of these six meetings and activities, shall be no later than March. The position for Vice President shall be an active blind or visually impaired member who has served at least one year on the board. Board members are responsible for overseeing the governance of the BCCSD.