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National Charity League St. Patrick’s Day Party at the BCCSD

Our thanks to the National Charity League (NCL) for hosting our fantastic St. Patrick’s Day Party on March 11.  While NCL volunteers decorated tables, eager participants gathered in the lobby, growing in number until noon.  Everyone entered the auditorium where the color green was prominently on display. There were green table coverings, white-and-green helium-filled balloons, and bundles of blooming Paper white Narcissus flowers, and shamrock-patterned napkins. Even the tasty cupcake icing was green for this event! Many partygoers wore green and NCL volunteers looked snazzy wearing shiny metallic-green leprechaun hats.

NCL volunteers were enthusiastically attentive, offering beverages and plates of hearty food.  We ate; we drank soda and coffee, and were merry, which was really fun. Some of the NCL members also took time to interview us, asking a few questions about our interests and experiences.  Forty plus BCC members attended and NCL members sang for us with piano accompaniment.  Monique and I celebrated our birthdays and were serenaded with ‘Happy Birthday’.  Parenthetically, during the celebration on my behalf, I sang along with a twist, singing “Happy birthday, to me”, whenever they sang, “to you.” Why not? Nobody else heard me do it anyway, L O L!

The highlight of the party was a game where the nearly constantly clamorous audience had to identify the names of pop songs and movie tunes. Prizes included a bag containing a dozen foil-wrapped chocolate coins, you know, candy. Before the party ended after almost two hours of high-energy merriment, everyone received a gift bag with a message that read, “To BCC Friends, and From NCL”.  In closing, I want to express my appreciation to all of the assistance provided by BCC staff, members, and other volunteers, for whom we should also be grateful.